RIP Vincent Nava

This guy was very refreshing to watch.


Without sounding ‘check me out’; I rolled up with some friends as that flip front K session was happening.
Total bunch of out there dudes who were super friendly. We were going to be respectful and wait whilst they sessioned but they were all inviting.

He did that shit pretty quick, too.

Kind of says a lot when people you don’t know are that friendly when you roll up on that session.
1 of 1 as Thrasher said.



That must have been crazy to see in the flesh.


Sick skater. Dude seemed to live pretty recklessly though - Aramis Hudson posted Insta stories of him and Vincent drinking whilst Vincent was driving like a day before he died. Might have been non-alcoholic, but Aramis was definitely drinking that White Claw drink that a bunch of LA skaters seem to be all over at the minute (what’s with that? A targeted influencer ad campaign?).

Sorry if saying that is mega disrespectful but good skaters aren’t always great at looking after themselves (there’s probably a strong correlation between the two).

So sad when he just put out a memorable part and was so young. RIP

Aww man this sucks. I only saw a little bit of his footage but I was hyped on it. Such a shame.

Had no idea who he was but sucks when anyone goes that young. RIP fella :heart:

Fuck ! Only watched his part the other month . What a ripper . Such a shame . RIP