RipRide with Andy Roy

Danny Way, he is getting some interesting guests already.

That tache :nauseated_face:

Proper shit.

I find Andy Roy insufferable.

The screenshot of the Alex moul episode is the most off putting image ever

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Alex seems to be permanently pissed / holding a beer. Hope he’s got it under control. Bit disappointed that I’d heard all of his Penny stories before.


Alex moul looks like the guy from skate wine! Lmao

More like Steve-O interviews Andy Roy. Short, got a few interesting bits in the there, Andy Roy’s crimes that he kinda doesn’t want to talk about and whats going on with Bam at the moment.

Nah you’re alright cheers


I found it pretty funny when Andy Roy is talking about going to juvie for stealing a Thrasher, and all his jail time is petty shit that built up but Steve-O isn’t having it, calling him out for home invasions with guns and tying people up, haha.

Just that kind of petty shit right?


Andy Roy got his teeth in the end. I think that’s all the closure I need on his story.

Yep - let’s let the credits roll on that.