Rollermania - Sicko Squad

Long shot, but does anyone recognise this sticker? It was on a board I was given years ago, but being a 10 year old idiot I sanded off the graphics and painted my own on. I’ve been looking on and off for this for years and finally came across it today, but would love some more info on it!


Tony Coffey had a stun gun under the counter, because of all the people wanting to rob Stüssy.


Ah! So this is the Bristol shop then? Wonder if the board i had originally came from there or if this sticker came free with a magazine sometime between 1987-1990?

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I’d say it’s pretty certain that it’s a shop Rollermania sticker inspired by Skate Muties style from Skateboard! Mag of the era.
@pigdog237 will know


Yeah, it’s a Rollermania shop sticker (it could’ve come from the short lived Swindon shop). Probably from about 1988?

It was probably drawn by Beano from SM5D - he used to do ads and stickers etc for the shop. Although this doesn’t look up to his usual style / standard, so maybe not!


Yeah, I wondered if there was a Skate Muties link when I rediscovered it!

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Cheers dude, the date would tie in with the deck it was originally on too.