S: Lewis Hamilton X Takashi Murakami Deck

Item: Lewis Hamilton X Takashi Murakami Las Vegas 2023 Deck
Condition: Brand new, never used (MINT)
Price: £ 320
Payment via PayPal

If you have any questions, just hit me up.

Dipped. What were they thinking?

Not ever, and neither should you


To hide the cheap chinese maple they’re made from

Focus it. Focus this thread.

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Guys first of all this is not therapy session, and second this is collector item if you did not get that at first glance.

Shit like that is not collectible to your average skateboarder.

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Not for anybody who gives a fuck about skateboarding. Try a F1 forum.

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Here’s some therapy for free… What you’re collecting is worthless to skateboarders and will be far too niche for F1 fans so you essentially have a gimmick that has had it’s shelf life in it’s first purchace, anything past that it’s fortgotten.
If you’re collecting exclusive fashion brands teamed up with skateboarding you are a fucking bell end and deserve to lose the money you stumped up.


I’m sure no one here wishes you any ill will mate, this is probably just not the right forum to try and sell something like this. But if you’ve got a pizza oven for sale…


Or a used Le Cruset dish set

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Sometimes it is


If you looking for pizza oven I can sell you that too, for 100 EUR i can hook you up with G3 Ferrari G10032 Napoletana, perfect for neapolitan pizza