Samsung Skatepark

For some unknown reason, Samsung have decided to use skateboarding to promote their new phone:

They are putting on a skatepark in Shoreditch which will be open for just under 3 weeks from this evening. They have produced a truly dreadful mock-up to announce this:

Hopefully this means a fairly stable income stream for Skateboard GB which they can use as they want. And Decunha and Sky Brown get nice new phones out of this.

Thoughts? Anyone going?!

Just got an add for that



Yeah, 45 years ago…anyone remember the ‘make someone happy with a phone call’ 1970’s BT ads with Buzby?


Nope, please forgive though as I was only 1. I do vaguely remember Buzby though.

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I forgot I’m at the older end of the forum age range. Probably should have been less of a, ‘do you remember…?’, and more of a, ‘kids ask your parents if…’ :joy:


Haha :rofl:

Park looks fairly boring, but it’s free and indoors:

My partner works for a Samsung affiliate company and started unrelatedly telling me about an event they’re hosting which will have snoop dog and Martha Stewart as guests, as I opened this thread.

No opinion on the pop up park

IG post from SkateGB says that you need photo ID to get in…

My completely irrational loyalty to BT is all down to Buzby.

Renationalise post and telecommunications and bring him back right now!


Killian Martin did some stuff for Apple about 5 years ago aswell, obvs less legit tho.

Marketing team on a winner , real groundbreaker this , the fresh ideas must be oozing out the dept.

Flip phone , flip a skateboard, skateboarding has perfect phone demographics for customers and influencers. Skateboarding is in the olympics and on trend .

Job done people , back slapping all round .


really should be a ‘karen’ flipping out ringing the police on a flip phone

My fave Samsung product :heart:


Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but thought this would be interesting.

A social media campaign has started against Skateboard GB’s sponsorship by Samsung due to the latter’s involvement in Israel:

I think there is an important point here, it’s raising awareness of Samsung’s pretty bleak ethical record. As @jimvo has pointed out above, the company’s deeply involved in weapons production.

However, Skateboard GB’s activities are pretty dependent on bigger corporate sponsorship. They just announced a new partnership with Subway, and had to rely on that weird Habito mortgage company previously. The Samsung money was used to fly skaters out to the various Olympic qualifiers.

I guess the bigger question is how picky should a skateboard organisation be about sponsorship when it is trying to present itself seriously as a sports body? And how should it balance getting people to the Olympics with the general radicalness of grassroots skateboarding in Britain?

Also, and I am pretty clueless about Samsung’s commitment to Israel and whether the below move is outweighed by other ties, Samsung did shut down the Israeli branch of its tech investment arm earlier this year: Samsung Next leaves Israel as economy suffers from Gaza war


It’s a tough one. Finding funding to get things done must be a nightmare. Maybe more research needs to be done before accepting endorsement.

There are plenty of people out there who are probably completely unaware what the company that built there phone are up to elsewhere.

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As far as I can see Samsung sell their products in both Israel and Palestine. I can’t find any evidence they actively support one side over the other in the conflict,

Wait until they find out who the actual country GB is supporting and funding.