Looks lush, do you not have any sauce on there?


Fuck it why not



Cheers mate. Nah no sauce, it didnt need it, the sausage, cheese and egg were wet enough.

The muffin wasnt exactly like a McDonalds one, I theirs has polenta or something on it but it was still good.

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Where was your muffin from? That looks closer to what I was after

That’s just a normal english muffin, yours is an oven bottom one.



Calm down Paul Hollywood


Good old Lidl

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Ok not technically a sandwich, but I doubt even Bish has tried this combo.


Oh god. Just no

That’s what I had served to me at that shit wedding.


I mean this is all things bread related, right? From sandwiches to open faces… to toasties. I fried the beard before making this cheese & mushroom toastie the other night, game changer.


Mmmm fried beard. Did it get stuck in your teeth?

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This might be the most important contribution to this thread

Also (since I’ve just caught up on seven weeks of sandwich chat) I’m firmly of the belief that sandwiches, like cereal, transcend mealtimes and can be eaten whenever

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Nah, a bit of slight seasoning with cracked black pepper corn and it was all yummy good!

What cheese

I think that was just a mild cheddar to be honest, I usually go mature.

I haven’t but it sounds good!

We need a collab between you and him

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Since I was discussing the breakfast sarnie earlier I decided to make it today.

‘Recipe’ below

  1. Wrap of your choice.

  1. Add a creamy sandwich filler; I went for coronation chicken but have dabbled with Chicken tikka masala. A one with some spice will really compliment the eggs.

  1. Scramble up some extremely buttery eggs and spread generously over the cold spread.

  1. Add some sausage and slice in half to help with the structural integrity. I’ve went for the meat free ones as they taste nicer imo.

  1. Because of the creaminess some tangy sauce is needed, usually I’d have a sriracha but alas I had none in, so the classic tomato ketchup was used.

  1. Add one more wrap and roll into a burrito.

  1. Finally the most important bit, heat that bad boy up on a dry pan. Not only does it seal the wrap (which is needed as it’s bulging with filling), but it also nicely adds a bit of crunch to the exterior which is a lovely juxtaposition to the soft interior.


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