Did you have covid and lose all sense of taste or something?


I’m normally on your side with these, Bish - but this one got me feeling a bit grey in the cheeks. I think it’s too yellow and brown. Needs a little green. If you added some spinach or something it would probably be elevated to michelin star level.


It’s the eggs for me, they have to go.

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its the ketchup and coronation chicken. jesus christ


I mean technically its a devilled scotch egg which in theory could be ok if you spiced the sausagemeat and breaded it but in a wrap it sounds a bit grim with the coronation chicken

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Unrelated but anyone tried making their own biltong/jerky?

a mate of mine at work does it. he spent so much fucking money on various different methods that went wrong. you can buy boxes that will dry it out for you and he went through a few of those before finding one he liked. finding the right kind of beef for it sounds like a pain in the ass too - you need a butcher who will specialise in unusual cuts of meet (S. American or S. African stuff)

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Just seen a pure Bish recipe on facebook

I have never made Biltong but of course I’ve eaten my own weight in it 50 times over. I’ve had jerky once and it tasted like sugar-cured meat and I’m all about umami.

I know a lot of people that have made it - and in the uk so I can get recommendations on the drying boxes that @nazoreth has mentioned if you like? They all say it’s pretty straightforward and I think you can get the necessary spices etc already prepped from SA Shops/Amazon.

You can also use the boxes for drying shrooms.


Sweet, thanks. Im less concerned with the spice blend as I like the idea of mixing up my own and tweaking it as I go

Made a regular peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast then added a liberal dose of Scotch Bonnet chilli honey. 🤌🏻


Backing the chilli honey.
Rather than using toast could you not have grilled it?

Bit cheffy.

Chuck it in the breville then.

Just kidding I could grill it, but I actually like the extra crunchy texture of toast.

Also, respect to anyone on a Breville flex but I don’t have one.

I love the sound of that honey but I don’t know in what situation I could use it in. Its rare to use raw honey in a non savoury environment. How spicy is it?

I wonder how it’d go in a goat cheese sarnie, with spinach and crunchy onions.

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It’s tingly tongue hot, not sweating and hiccuping hot. You can use it on anything, sweet or savoury. Very good as a glaze (mix it with soy or vinegar and use it on sausages/chicken/halloumi), you can pour it on nuts and roast them, it’s got loads of uses actually. It’s good stuff.

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