While children need to appear older, genuine maturity comes with the confidence to be childlike.

Ride your skateboard, put crisps in your fucking sandwich.


I’m backing crisp sandwiches too.

My diet at school was almost exclusively: ham, cheese and coleslaw sandwiches with a bag of cheese and onion crisps emptied on them.

Sandwiches should not be wet

Am I a class traitor if I say I like cucumber sandwiches?

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In general I’d agree with you but this is the exception which proves the rule.

I saw Richard Ayoade eat one of these on travel man, I’ve wanted one ever since

personally find the only crisps that go well in a sarnie to be cheese and onion. little bit of grated cheese and red onion in there for extra bang if you’re feeling it

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Sugar puff sandwiches :slight_smile:

Crunch is an important factor.

I’m a firm believer that any meal can be put in between bread and enjoyed.

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You have to toast the bread so when you pick it up, the whole thing doesn’t fall apart. I worked in a cafe for my first job and that’s what they did for the bread and burger buns. Made a big difference for the better.

Far prefer wraps now though, zero food coma after lunch.

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Food where I don’t need cutlery tends to be my favourite, such as burritos or sushi.


Burger buns yes. Not for sandwich’s.


Cheese and pickle on brown bread.

Cucumber on white bread.

Cheese and tomato in a crusty cob.

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At the moment I’m all about toasted wraps and haven’t had a sandwich in months, but let’s keep this on topic.

Its not the war, you can branch out a bit.

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Anyone had one from Katz Deli?

Best sandwich Ive ever had.


Kat from Eastenders? Now we’re talking


I’ve had the Pastrami on Rye, the Salami one and the salt beef. Salami was disappointing but the others were banging. I’m veggie now so I’d order cheese and pickle if I went there again :smiley:

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Depends if you choose to wash it down with a glass of pimms

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