Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta

He is definitely on the spectrum right? I don’t know why that took me so long to see?

Feel the same way about Thrasher logos

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Is there a specific reason we’ve lumped Powell together with SC here? There’s a few people on this forum who ride flight decks. They’re meant to be really decent

Do we not want old companies in skateboarding that make good product?


Fuck it might as well have edited it to “do we not want companies in skateboarding”

Nothing makes you guys happy

I was just pointing out that bitching and moaning isn’t a new thing with in skateboarding… haha, like some people like to make out. Some fake memory that there was once some happy utopia time, where all brands went on an annual company picnic together, and high-fived each others sales figures.


Beauty and the Beast…?

They were the 2 huge US names when i started skating. Was just thinking recently as to what Powell were after the Bones Brigades and how Santa Cruz had kind of stepped into the mainstream.

No reason other than that to lump them together :slight_smile:

Magic - remember that one with cab and the launch ramp onto rails. (although i think Danny Wainwright may have been on them on that the time so thats ok!)

They went camping twice and never talked again. Some romances aren’t meant to last.

The Fat Willy’s phenomenon.

Surf Shack …

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