Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta

Wondering what the view is on these “brands”?.. rightly or wrongly I’ve always considered them to be legit but now I’m not so sure.I see the Screaming Hand logo in some strange places now…

Old blokes go mad for reissues.

Just sold a Grosso reissue today for £170 which was nice given I paid fuck all for it a couple of years ago.

Also, those stinking Andy Anderson boards… the hallmark of a fucking man grom.


SC feel like they’ve got a pretty legit team these days and while I still wouldn’t buy an SC board, If I did, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to ride one compared to say 10 years ago.

I was thinking this the other day about how SC has given us 20yrs of reissues and bollocks from a time period of about 4 years when they were actually decent.
They’ve flogged that screaming hand to death where now you’re sick of the sight of it.

They stopped being legit the minute Everslicks dropped. And Powell stopped being legit when celebraty tropical fish came out. Really had an opportunity to move with the times but fully blew it


Agreed to a point, but SC (NHS) and Powell still manufacture their own decks and stuff so are both about as legit as a skateboard maufacturer can be.

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Thought the Euro Brigade was a reasonable attempt by Powell to stay relevant, and the fake-budget box.


Not denying their legitness, just their actual output.

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Maybe I’m thinking of the other shit video, 7 was it?

I was always so gutted Pat Brennan’s music was that piano concerto, what a vibe killer for hottest street pro they had at the time

Presumably everyone in this thread is over 30. Would be interested to know how someone 15 years younger feels about SC.

Who’s buying the Knibbs and Asta boards?

They had a really really shit video called Hot Batch. Was it that one?

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If I never see the screaming hand again I’d be fine with that.

Used to think it was iconic and personally I’d be stoked when I saw it. It was like an underground call sign and you’d think ‘yeah this guy/girl knows what’s up’.

Now it makes me sad to think how rinsed and devalued it is.


My brian cant neighbours have got one on their “Camper van”* which says it all, for me. Probably think it’s ‘kooky’. brian cants brian cants brian cants.

*It’s not a Camper van you horrible bitch, it’s a Mazda Bongo Friendee. You didn’t buy a VW Camper Van for your midlife crisis, you got this other disgusting piece of shit and no amount of stickers from Clan will fix that.


i saw someone a few years back in Cornwall who had the screaming hand tattoo’d on his arm. he said he didn’t skate. just another poser skate thing

Yeah, both for the camper van crowd. I always thought SC were the better as they had cool music. The stuff on the Powell vids was awful.

Careful now. The Santa Cruz videos might well have introduced a generation to SST, but there was always this:


Ha ha guess what I drive?!

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Ford freda?

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He is definitely on the spectrum right? I don’t know why that took me so long to see?