‘SATAN’ - Baghead Crew 2023

…and what makes it thread worthy for a UK skate forum.


Really enjoyed this. Rasheed Osman’s section is sick. Mani Haddon and Seb Batty both have some good stuff too.

One gripe, did anyone else find the night footage a bit too dark to see exactly what was going on or was it just my TV?

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I enjoyed it. Lots of people and spots you dont often see.

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Very enjoyable - need to rinse to give a proper response but massive respect to Forde for getting Avi out filming again


Thanks for the post!

Hope everyone finds some enjoyment. All the dudes in this video are great :heart:

Thanks for the hype!


Some footage is super dark, I dunno if it’s due to the lens being so big and taking in so much image that makes it dark if you get me. I have a massive light and sometimes it’s still dark. I definitely went round every night clip and did my best sorting out exposure etc. it’s quite viewable on a computer, phone and the DVD.

I actually watched it last night round my friends when it went live as a little get together dinner party and I noticed his TV made all the whites look more blue and the dark clips where a little darker than usual, so it may be a setting in your TV, but honestly I wouldn’t quite know haha!

Thanks for tuning in! :heart:


Just watched it on my phone and it looks much better. No idea what dodge settings my TV has on!

Sick video dude. You guys all smashed it.

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Great vid that was. Good filming, good skating and good spots!

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Great vid but not enough devil worship, sorry :upside_down_face:


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Who’s the next Chris to a get a Baghead comeback? :joy:

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I vote for Chris Ince… aim high and rebuild Radlands.


His name obviously isn’t Chris, but my dream is to get Howard Cooke out and about, I’d love to film him :grin:


Had the full crew in attendance at the skatepark do last summer :heart_eyes:


Loved it and nice to see some older guys in there giving a good account of themselves!

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Great shout! H is fucking rad.

It’d be like filming a piece of paper in a hurricane :joy:

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It’s a dream honestly mate. Him and Shipman.

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H really did school me on how fast you can actually go on a skateboard and do tricks (or slam spectacularly). One of my most cherished skate memories is walking into Radlands to be greeted by H skidding for 20 feet across the floor on his back.


Good luck trying to keep up with him if you did get him out!

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