“Satan” premiere details

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. We’re premiering our video on the 4th of February, 2023 at Rollersnakes from 8pm, but the skating facilities are available for free all day regardless.

For anyone who came to the amazing Dadlands event knows how good the Rollersnakes slappy curb and mini ramp is :joy:

Hope to see some of you there! Hope you all had a cracking Halloween :heart:

Will be doing premieres around various midlands and U.K. locations near the end of February.


Banging, will get it in the diary well keen for this


Hell yeah! :heart:

Who’s going then?! Confirmed car of Northampton mateys heading up driven by Seck, hoping we make it there in one piece

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Hyped! I’ve had a good bunch of people hitting us up about it so hopefully it’s worth your travel, haha.
If you’re coming up early, I think a load of us are meeting around 1/2pm at Bass’ Recreation Ground skatepark for a big skate (if the weather holds up!)

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If I turn up are you going to want to fight me?


@BAGHEADCREW I can’t make it due to work, but hope it all goes well! Looking forward to catching it when it has the worldwide release :+1:

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I will fight any forum members in attendance for the title of forum pro


Thank you mate! It’ll be online soon after :heart:

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Buzzing for this xxx

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Me too, haha :joy:


Thank you for your constant hype :heart: