Save the date - New Primitive video - London Premiere - Thursday June 2nd

Hi everyone, apologies for the spam but wanted to get the word out -

New Primitive full length team video -
including full parts from pro & am team, including Charlie Munro

When: Thursday June 2nd 18:30

Where: Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester square, London

Paul Rodriguez, Charlie Munro + other Primitive riders will be in attendance TBC
& afterparty TBC

Come and watch the year’s biggest premiere + have a beer with some of the Primitive riders

More details to follow ASAP - tickets will be available from your local skateshop

Hope you can make it, thanks


thanks for using the forum too - always nice when this place gets acknowledged.


Aw, of course! Got you B, and anyone else here who would like tix, please hit me up, will get you sorted!

Just message me here with your email and address and we’ll sort it - should be a fun night!


So a full part from P-Rod? He always made it sound like another one would be unlikely. More like he’d always sprinkle in a couple of tricks here and there in future videos. Rad.

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Do you know who has full parts? Surely not everyone?

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I’m taking it as the headliners will have full parts and the featured skaters will have some stuff in there but not full parts.

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TBH, we don’t know who has full parts. I believe they all started with the intention of full parts but some of the riders have had injuries in the last year or so - Gio, Carlos, Robert & before that Paul. Some of them have been able to bounce back quick and get more filming in before deadline. A full part from Paul would be sick - he has been putting out a lot more on IG recently so here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


Excited for new Charlie footage!

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All that really matters is new Wade D footage :heart:


And JB and Tiago!