Secret Santa 2023

Anyone keen for this. I think we should regift something skate related to another forum member. Tshirts, videos stickers magazines etc like @voodoo suggested.

Would need somewhere private for people to send addresses.


I’m in!

I guess anyone who’s still anonymous just won’t take part. The rest of us should be fine.

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I’m in … yeah that’s the only problem if the person in charge is apart of it too they’ll know who is sending them theirs. Tricky.

Given I doubt that anyone is up for posting something to Australia, I’m happy to coordinate.

I imagine a google form into a spreadsheet, shuffle the rows at the deadline and then pm the address to send your gift to, to each person would work.


Do we need to know the forum name of the person we’re sending to? It’s easier to decide what to gift them that way.

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I’m up for this.

Gwan then, should be fun. Max spend?

@navitronic can you do the sheet?

The idea is to give an old skate tee, hat, mag, or stickers, ect that’s in good condition, that you no longer use but someone else might be stoked on.

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I’m in. Do we know who we’re sending it to, so we can send something we know they’ll be into?


I can.

Thrown something together already, but we probably wanna work out some deadline for people to express interest and then I can share

I’m down

Yeah, you usually know who you’ve got for secret Santa right? The recipient doesn’t. We kind of know where most of us live anyway…

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Deadline end of the weekend m?

I’m in


The forum seems to be used less at the weekend so maybe have the deadline for sometime next week when more people are about?

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Wednesday? Still loads of time for people to send stuff to people?

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@navitronic in charge. I have a mate in Melbourne so I will get something sent to you as well.

I can’t tag anymore people…