Self surgery

I’d probably film it, have to get a digi can first. And I don’t have an address to order surgery supplies too

Given your circumstances I don’t think this plan is a good idea.


Go in to A&E saying that you can’t feel any circulation in your leg, can barley walk, numb pain, ect. You’ll get it looked at, maybe a bed and food too.

Are you in Britain? You’re homeless but posting on an online skateboard forum?

I would also strongly recommend against DIY surgery.

I’m all for having a go (at virtually anything) with enough research but this is not a good idea. The screws in my arm don’t feel like they have any fixings (allen key etc) unless they filled the ends in? I can feel one of my bolts in my elbow and it’s just a smooth dome. If you manage to screw them out and not be sick with the pain you’re going to be open to infection and bone infection is meant to be crazy painful and gnarly if not sorted. Please don’t do it, not because I don’t think you are Rambo enough to take it but because you’re not able to cope with possible infection yourself and this could seriously fuck it up more.
I’d def play it up to the GP/hospital and get it looked at.

this has to be a joke, if not its a fucking awful idea.

if you insist on doing it then enjoy yourself and let me know how it works out

If this is real, I do not condone it, but I’m interested

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I have an 1 1/2 inch long scar on my shin because i slammed at a skatepark (avoiding a scooter kid) and slashed it on a ledge.

There was no blood at all, only some white stuff i cod see which i presumed to be fats maybe, or something. I was too focused at the time on whether i had a concussion to think about it.

Anyway i put some sudocreme(!) and a plaster on it when i got home and waited for it to heal.

It took about 3 months to scab over and i now realise in hindsight that the white i saw was most likely bone.

Thinking about it makes me feel weird and i now don’t like anyone touching my shin

bump for self-surgery outcomes.

last post 4 days ago

he dead



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I read this as ‘skin’ when I skimmed it, and was like ‘steady on, old bean’

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Fuck no there’s been a few AskReddits about that. It hurts to read them.

There was an excruciatingly detailed one about a guy who decided to neuter himself by popping both his balls with a hot needle. Kept a daily log of how long it took for them to shrivel up. Ughhhhhhhh

Quite like how S.P.Y has been paying homage to old stuff too.