Self surgery

Has any one ever removed surgery screws by themselves?
Right ankle, inner bone. Two screws, inch and a half cut mark left after surgery over the ankle ball.

Are you fucking kidding me, that could go wrong really quick


I once removed some stitches from my eyebrow with a box cutter.

What about if you cut it open and it’s a hex key and you don’t have right size?

Someone rip your eyebrow ring out?

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No. I am serious.
It broke in September, and I am 99% sure the screws are causing the remaining pain.

haha. No some stitches I got after slamming drunk at a meanwhile comp. Couldn’t remember where I was supposed to go to get them taken out as I lost the slip of paper.

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Get referral from your GP, exaggerate the pain, get in a waiting list and hopefully will be done when it’s winter??

Hahaha! I don’t smoke crack for breakfast. Aren’t they all Philips heads?

Pretty sure that Paul Schmitt is temporarily in a wheel chair after having some issues with screws in his knees… I’d go to the professionals.

I cut my arm once and patched it up with duck tape. Took the duck tape off 2 days later and had to go to hospital for paper stiches

I mean if you’re going to do it, do it but make sure you got sterile everything and get a non squeamish homie to be there to tourniquet you up if you hit a vein

Basically, have a plan beforehand in case things go wrong.

I am not medically trained and this does not constitute medical advice etc etc. I’d get it done by hospital or a professional.

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Been lurking in the shadows for time. Hospitals are a fuck up! Especially the mental ones. Got lifted out the skatepark 2 days in a row for mental examination last summer.

Or get it done privately if you got some spare cash.

After <30 minutes research, i think its quite possible.
Im just that 1% unsure if I am correct. About the screws causing the pain.

That’s the spark from the lightbulb! Private… Safe

Knees more complicated than ankle bone break I’d think. Just a clean snap and screw together.

Only problem is I am homeless. According to google surgery costs 4k