Session skateboard game movie part.

I hope you enjoy, and comment! thanks a bunch!

Managed about ten seconds. Music is horrible, doesn’t look as much fun as Skate 3 and who the fuck watches other people play video games, apart from 12 year old boys? And middle-aged wives.

I do, its no different to watching Darts, Snooker or Football on TV

But you can literally do the exact same thing yourself, where you’re sitting. Why wouldn’t you? It’s not like arranging a game of football, then getting exhausted running around, you’re sitting there in your living room.

Do you watch Goggle Box? Do you watch people you don’t know watching TV too?

Because i like watching people who are dope at games i like to play. Same as we watch people who are better than us skate on TV rather than going out and skating ourselves sometimes.

Nope, never seen Goggle box.

Competitive online, COD, PUBG, APEX etc is like organising a game of fat man football, you need mates to play with and a few hours your heads fucked.

I like watching speedruns to go to sleep to. It’s stuff that I couldn’t hope to do.

This game looks pretty much the same as Skate 3 though doesn’t it. What’s the difference?

It doesn’t look as good as I’d expect for there being ten years between them.

I can watch someones classic mario speedrun or an isane R-type game that’s nigh impossible done with ease etc but something like this does nothing for me, it looks janky and unrealistic, takes no skill, we can all do it. Playing it though, I guess can be fun but why film yourself and post it? Wasted time.

People made “video parts” on the Skate games and put them on youtube in hopes of some kind of shoe sponsor…

Some dude did make a MJ Fully Flared re-make that was spot on though, pretty cool at the time

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And somebody remade a Daewon part. That stuff is cool, because it has meaning, surely. This is just watching somebody you don’t know play a video game, except it’s not your mate and you aren’t about to have a go.

This surely isn’t threadworthy here.

Yeah I get that, but still. you don’t make money from a handful of views, you’d have to do something that normal people find watchable never mind a tiny niche of lazy nihilistic dudes.

Agreed, this isn’t thread worthy

Boring and unthreadworthy.