Set up advice for bowl and ramp

Yo guys, could be the oldest here, skated for 8-10 years before life took a different path, no 32 and would love to have a blast on the bowls etc in my area, used to just skate street. Being out the game so long just want some advice on new products, I reckon I would go for bigger wheels and trucks than before for better clearance as I will just stick to the bowls and ramps as I reckon I’m past it for street lol

32?? You’re one of the youngest!

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32? probably the youngest!

Edit: ha deeg

Most people skate an 8" board these days which would be fine for both. People get a bit hung up on the equipment, as long as it’s in ok nick you can skate anything really. That said I’ve got 2 boards one a 9" with slightly softer / bigger wheels

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I set up a 9" ‘bowl only’ board with 60mm wheels, every time I tried to lock a smith the wheels would catch, it was fucking useless. Or maybe I was useless. Whatever.

Stick to 8-8.25 and <56mm. I’m 42 BTW.

Thanks guys, got an 8 inch krooked deck with perfect shape for me, thunder trucks, bones wheels and bearings, £60 with a skate tool and all pretty much as new