Should I use my 15yr old deck or buy new?

Greetings all, I’m a new member on this forum. Been lurking for a couple of weeks. Just got a quick question if that’s cool.

I’ve just got back on my board after 15 years off, so I’m treating myself as a beginner (I never knew a lot of tricks back then anyway). Question is, should I use my old deck or buy a new one? Will a fresh deck help me learn quicker? I’ve kept my old trucks (Kre-per, discontinued in 2003 :joy:) but I’ve bought new wheels, bearings, bushings and risers. My old Blind deck is ok, but the tail end is chipped and feels kinda ‘soft’ if you know what I mean. Not very poppy.

Anyone got any thoughts to help me out? Will a fresh deck help me learn quicker?

Thanks in advance,



Welcome Veggie, I’m guessing it has been lying in the garage for 15 years of cold and damp, so it will be soggy and spongy. Not great for learning. No pop, like you say. Hit up the link on the forum for 10% off at Legacy skate store (free delivery), skater owned and great peeps. A Death or even a new Blind board are not that much.

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New equipment.
Not because it will help you learn but because it will have a nice fresh feel over 15 yr old kit which will be aged and horrid.

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Yeah a 15 year old board will be fucked. Stick old one on eBay though, you never know, some 90s and 00s boards get a bit of cash depending on condition. If it’s a generic Blind board will probably get more for it as firewood.

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If you can afford it go for a new one. Like Voodoo said, 10% off at a skater owned store will probably bring it in below £40.

Imagine the grip tape’s probably shagged on your existing deck. Plus, whilst it might not help you learn quicker necessarily, the nice clean pop of a freshie will feel a lot nicer and keep you motivated - and wanting to skate more will help you learn quicker.

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Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

Yeah my Blind deck has been sitting in cupboards/garages/my shed most of the time. I doubt it would be worth anything to a collector, my teenage skating days caused a lot of damage to it (thanks to my lame boardslide attempts on kerbs).

Thanks for the tip about the Legacy deal, I didn’t notice the banner advert! I’ll be sure to take a look.

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I’m in the same position as you and I bought a whole new setup. But to be fair my old deck was completely shagged! I now want new trucks to replace the cheapy ones I bought…

Loving it though, even if I can barely even ollie any more.


Yeah man I’m loving it as well. I remember being able to do so much more when I was a teenager, but now I can barely move the board :joy: I’m still looking for any excuse to go to the skatepark. Work and parenting means I can only skate once or twice a month, but I’m buzzing each time I go

I’m lucky, I can skate to work and nip to the park on a lunchtime, long as the weather is good.