Should more girls be fully sponsored?

Nurding is angry about the tokenism that’s going on in the industry re:putting a girl on flow just for the sake of having a girl on the team.

She does have a point - it took Plan B ages to put Leticia fully on and it does seem like a lot of companies put on a girl and then do very little with her (enjoi and Samarria). Although board companies are doing very little full stop compared to the amount of videos they used to put out. WKND have done more with Alexis though.

This is all a big step up though from say 10-15 years ago when it was only really Elissa and Marissa who got any coverage. Even if it’s tokenism, isn’t this a positive step?

From a British perspective, are there many women who deserve being fully hooked up on a pure talent level? LA is for sure. Josie Lori rips but has had a bad injury.

It’d be really sick if a fully female team could make an impact on the industry in terms of sales and coverage. Have women present themselves on (largely) their own terms. I wonder if the number of female skaters are big enough to sustain a company like that yet?

If they deserve to be hooked up, they will. It must be hard for female skaters at the moment, with so many rippers right now, then you have the likes of Skate Moss, who admits she is not very good, just wants to sell clothes, ect. Getting all these deals with companies and that is the image of female skating that is getting projected out there to the masses.

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Rookie was about 20 years ago.

The 2 UK Rookie riders at the time: Dave Chesson and Matt Pritchard.

Isn’t Lacey Baker on that Meow skateboards with Vanessa Torres? I think that’s an all female brand. Lacey Baker is one of my favourite skateboarders to watch, regardless of gender. Until we can stop saying somebody is good ‘for a girl’ then I think some companies will keep hooking girls up with product because they have a large following online.

60,739 fans turned out to watch a Liga Femenina game between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. I know, it’s football but I’m stoked on that, attitudes are changing. It’s been slow but seems like things are heading in the right direction.

Is Nora still on welcome?

Give it a few years and there will be a lot more women skateboarders ‘fully sponsored’ and I fully back it and it will be rad to see.
I feel it is purely down to averages that not many women have become ‘good enough’ to get fully sponsored, think of how many men skate and the percentage that get sponsored, it isn’t very high.
I have always known girls/women skate for my whole 17 years on board but obviously the number is at its highest by far at the moment. Personally a lot of women I see who are new to skating are exactly that WOMEN, unfortunately I have realised over the years from friends starting skating in adulthood the chances of getting truly comfortable riding a skateboard never mind getting ‘good’ is very unlikely, whether man or woman.
Once all the girls who are learning to skate get a bit older obviously there is going to be some serious rippers and things will balance out more purely down to averages.

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Believe so


Cool. I like the look of her pro deck. Might have to get one this year

Yeah, it feels like we’re in that mid point atctge moment. Much more women skating, more visibility and options for women who skate, and as such, a gradual higher ability and standard.

There’s obvioudky a visible skill level difference at the moment if you did a base level comparison between men and women skateboarders, at sponsored level. But gradually this will even out, to a certain extent.

I think in 5 years, we might have more mixed teams in terms of gender and with more equal professional standing

took me far far too long to realise sponsorship doesn’t equal a skater’s merit - but its a measure of their influence to sell products.
According to Slap, US pros are regarded as “Product Endorsers” on their passports - not athletes. Again, surprising.

maybe one day skateboarding will develop a belt system like judo.
“OMG she’s gotta a Shralp level belt! she’s gonna be amazing!”
or even
“I’ve earnt my 10 meter wheelie badge”


Does high-c post on here?? Would be interested to hear the opinion of a woman who has been skateboarding for a long time and has seen womens skateboarding grow over the years.

Perhaps the Olympics might help? I know. Some don’t agree with it, but it might help to get female skateboarding out there a little bit more. Especially when the likes of the BBC have shown coverage of the UK champs and that sky brown lass