Sidewalk - 'In Progress' Download

DL link live for a week courtesy of Mr Gray


Tidy stuff like.

Can you still buy the DVD anywhere?

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Not sure about anywhere else, but WT seem to have plenty of DVDs for sale and it’s the first place I thought of.

I got my Viewfinder DVDs from them.

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John Cattle is a top lad. OG Panic rider.

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I don’t know him (or anyone :smiley: ) in real life, but he comes across like a good 'un in the online interaction I’ve had with him.

Buy it from there… and the Extras DVD.

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Ffantastig. Diolch.

I think I bought a Viewfinder vid off him actually many years ago.

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Damn did anyone download this that that wouldn’t mind forwarding on?

Can hook you up tomorrow!

Ditto, can send you a One Drive link if needed.


Can you please send me a PM so we can talk about the Viewfinder DVDs?
Or do you have Discord or Reddit?

Sadly they are all sold / not available anymore.