Silvas on Primitive

try faking your style on a switch heel backlip down a handrail then get back to me


Seems to be the rumour floating about on Slap. Seems strange that Silvas posted on his insta he was leaving though if it was done.

Where would Kyron end up? Isle surely the obvious choice with the Drift link…

I know what you mean. He’s fucking gnarly and just amazingly technically good at skating. However, the style seems forced to me. Sorry about that.

I don’t really know if it’s fake or not but I can’t say I like his style too much, amazing tricks though.

P-Rod on the other hand is like fine wine, a shared part of him and Appleyard would be a treat for the eyes.


Yeah I think you’re right. He probably started out faking his ‘steez’ a bit as a kid and now its just become his style. It’s just not very nice to watch. He can definitely fucking skate though that’s for sure!

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I’ll second all of that.

Plan B is potentially done too.

Don’t think so…surely all riders would know in advance if a company was wrapping up and it looks much better for him (and Primitive) that he is changing company rather than Primitive picking up the pieces if/when Numbers folds. Makes no difference to Numbers that he goes to Primitive so it’s the most favourable outcome for the rider really.

Notice it says “Paul Rodriguez Shane O’Neill” in the text thats pulled through… Awkward.

When I was a yoot I probably got a board every month, if a board is $55 and you can get a tee and wheels on top for $75 I’d probably have done that, just sucks it’s not through shops, but thats also where they make that saving…
Would be interested to know how many kids do subscribe to it. If I was Primitive I’d get a pro to sign a few “Thanks for the support little Timmy!” posters/cards each time they’re in the office, would a nice little suprise for some subscribers…

Never really cared for Prod when I was a teenager, but now I think he’s great. He did a tre flip nose manny on insta the other day and it was so sick

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ugh this is the post right here. i’d take either b2b clips or both of them skating the same spots in different ways

Time to market and turnaround.

Get board designed with slight changes to the existing PSD. Few changes, a day’s work maybe, as opposed to a fortnight. Get boards printed and in the hands of kids to ride the instagram hype of the announcement post, rather than a 3 month long campaign or some shit.