Silvas on Primitive

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Dirty jeans tho

Don’t get how they are selling enough boards to be paying this team


I hate this dudes forced style and he really doesn’t fit *alongside Tiago, Wade, JB and Prod.


you’ve just named four people that are completely different from each other


My point was that they all have great natural styles.

Miles Silvas does not.

I imagine that they have somehow nailed having a big team by having very similar graphics for all pros, which cuts costs on production/manufacture and then selling the specific pro boards into the right markets. eg. I doubt I’ll ever see a Spencer Hamilton pro board in Melbourne, but you’d be falling over them in Vancouver etc.

Don’t see how having similar graphics will make anything cheaper. That standard pro graphic is very recognisable though

He used to fake the funk even more. He’ll never get a pass from me either.

I’m really not sure it is that fake…

Check the kid footage - all the current elements seem to be there.

Primitive’s mailorder subscription program is a really interesting idea.

Might explain why you see so few boards in skateshops. I wouldn’t stock them, knowing they’re running a direct program which would undercut me, but it is interesting.

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That’s a really interesting concept, a deck, wheels and tee every month for 75 bucks sounds like a good deal. I suppose it would be ideal for an absolutely fanatical teenager who’s relatively well off and just below shop-flow ability.

Miles Silvas is mind blowing. Yeah it looks too easy for him, but he’s a perfect fit on the Primitive team.

I thought that, and then what if you split it with a friend? $37.50 a month and get a board with grip, wheels and a t-shirt every two months. Kinda seems more affordable then.

They just had those £80(?) Dragon Ball Z boards in shops.

Imagine being Koston? P-Rod was seen as his little prodigy BITD but he soon got out of his shadow (leaving Girl and eS), getting his (Koston’s) dream move to Nike in 2005 and is now stealing his team, oof.

I didn’t know he has/had a Target sponsorship deal?

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Also that ‘Mystery’ Primitive box that’s obviously going to be all the purple t shirts and other shit that didn’t sell from last season.


I think maybe they do ok on soft goods, where the mark up is so much better, if you think Primitive was P Rod’s shop, then it was clothing, then it became hardware, it’s grown slowly in comparison to just making boards and expecting money to roll in. You see the same comments from US skaters “I never see anyone with Primitive boards” but it’s the same as Element, it’s the brand that kids love so it’s the skaters we don’t see.

Primitive’s team is nuts. The demo’s they did in that euro edit were top drawer and reminded me of girl/choc demo’s from the early-mid noughties.

Numbers is very dry, done very minimal considering the people involved. It always blows me away how little they used Kyron’s link with Atlantic Drift. Barely mentioned it if at all on there instagram account. Eric and Guy should focus the brand and go back to Girl. The other riders would all find good homes i’m sure!

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The Mystery Box is definitely the pikey option. I bet there’s a few yellow and purple t-shirts in there.

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Numbers is done I thought?