Sites you frequently visit.

Feel like broadening my horizons as I only really check about 4 websites regularly.

Any hidden gems with rad content? Don’t mind what it is just interesting, I can’t keep refreshing this place, Slap and whatever Football / MMA bullshit I read.


Twitter. for tech stuff for interesting open source investigations
other than that just news sites, really

I’ve become hopelessly addicted to Reddit. It’s good if you put the effort in to follow subs that you’re actually interested in, some of them are nice communities too, there’s something for everyone.

But the “Popular” page is an absolute dogshow - 90% road rage, public freakouts, mental health issues and misogyny. All the news on there is so hyper-polarised it’s scary.


Once you get over the interface (and I think the old version worlks much better) Reddit can be brilliant. It’s just this ugly as fuck UI and yeah, the home page is 99.9% shit 99.9% of the time.

But whatever obscure shit you’re into, you can bet there’s a community of people talking about it on Reddit, in way more depth than you ever did. Except skateboarding. It’s no good for that.


I don’t undersand the love for old.reddit. It looks like a web2.0 site from 2001. The new UI is fine imo

Just used to the old one I guess. Depends if the subs you’re into are image-heavy or not too. Depends if you want those previews on the new version.

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Dragging this thread, and a Reddit post, back from the depths as I was just Boomering my way around in there and it made me lol.