Frank Spencer/ Dom Henry


Lance Mountain advertising some sleepers head brace.

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I don’t even think that’s a look alike, that’s Lance

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It’s too much alike not to be but why would he be involved in advertising this?
Anyone got him on insta or anything to pose the question?

no way thats Lance, dude’s eyebrows are normal-sized



looks more like Rocco to me. The man who souled snoring aids.

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Hahahaha I was going to say Rocco as well

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DM’ing Rocco then, if I can find him…

Couldn’t find him.

Haha I used that photo in a zine and got so many lance mountain comments, at the launch everyone was convinced it was him

Fred Gall/ Charlie Birch


Is Sam Beckett the new Jason Lee?

I thought I’d posted this somewhere already, but it’s not in this thread.

Tommy G.

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Hands up who googled ‘fred gall in a leather vest’ after seeing this

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The silence after that question just triggered the Blue Oyster Bar music from Police Academy in my mind.

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Either no one googled it or no one ADMITS to googling it


…or a young Fred West :open_mouth:

i’m still in a spaff-trance tbh

Butthead/ Jeff Pang

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Check out the Parade online skate shop