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Does anyone do/has anyone tried something like plyometrics to get a bit of pop back into old, heavy, slow middle aged legs?

I do plyos as part of my s&c sessions. Definetly helps pre squats and deadlifts and combat sports.

Still shit at skating mind

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Thanks, can you recommend any routines (vids, sites, blogs) in particular?

garage strength on youtube
Faris Khan - @brotherfaris on insta

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Recently started working with a personal trainer to get back in shape. First day was leg day and I felt it straight away so no surprise they hurt for a couple of days afterwards.
Yesterday was arm and chest day. I felt the work but the afternoon and evening I didn’t feel anything besides a muscle behind my shoulder blade so I was quite chuffed and figured I must be stronger than I thought.
But this morning, lord help me! My triceps feel like they’ve been shortened by half and raise my arms above shoulder height is tough.
It’s all good, but the delayed aches come as quite a shock.
I now stink of conifer oil. ha ha!!

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It’s called DOMS. Totally normal. I’m still feeling a chest session I did on Friday!