Skate fitness stuff

As my body is now a wreck (and my knees are shot since skating 2 nights ago) I was wondering whether anyone follows any skate specific fitness routines. Created by skateboarders if possible. I know about these 2, and old friends (Kyle brown on insta)

Wondered if anyone had tried them? I need to start looking after this shell if I want to get to 70

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Proper links here:

Old friends (dr Kyle brown)

Skateboard strength

Sorry if I’m being too MAS but I am pretty much past middle age now

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No issue getting all MAS. I get the impression you’re my age(ish) at 45 which is, as you say, likely to be past middle age now. Cant see myself making 90.

Anything which helps push out a little more longevity for skating is very welcome, but to be on topic, I’ve only really heard of Kyle Brown. Ben De Gros did a couple of vids a few years back on how he tries to keep in shape IIRC, but nothing regular.

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I don’t follow anything specially but I do a few things with skating sort of in mind. I have a routine of daily back stretches, because I have degenerative disc disease and it seems to make a surprisingly large difference, even on days I don’t skate.

I stand on one leg, preferably with my eyes closed, for at least two minutes per leg each day. This was a recommendation from the physio after I snapped my ACL playing rugby which has stuck but she’s super enthusiastic about it for proprioception.

I also do a 3 minute plank every morning, partly for the back issue and generally for core strength. Apparently anything longer than that is diminishing returns.

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They both look pretty good and seem to both do a lot with resistance bands. Alongside that, if you can, get doing bodyweight fitness HIIT routines, kettlebell workouts and as much swimming and cycling as possible.

I don’t do anything because I wouldn’t have the energy to skate if I did :sweat_smile:

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Get this man a pint! :heart_eyes:

I don’t do anything serious either. I skate 2 to 4 times a week depending on my work schedule, and go for a ride on my e-bike or a walk in the mountains or in the woods whenever I can, at least once a week. Sauna once or twice a week during the cold months. And that’s it. Keeps me in good shape I reckon. I’m physically probably more fucked up than most people my age but I also probably do more than most of them.

41 here. I work in a day centre for seniors with cognitive impairment. Today I gave a lady a lift after my shift as her place is on my way home. We were talking about various things and I realized my legs still felt sore from skating last night. Made me feel old, but then I realized that the lady I was talking with is 93, was 52 when I was born, and still walks to the post office/food shop/bakery every day. I don’t know how long I’m gonna stay here but I’m not old.


Not a skateboarder but “knees over toes guy” is an IG account for a physio who wrote a book about knee rehab. Definitely helped improve my knees a bit


I’ve used AG a bit, am intending to get another order once Jan has stopped being so expensive.

I thought it was useful at making sure you got a base level of nutrients etc - especially when life’s hectic and I’m working a lot/eating crap etc. Taste could be worse.

Dude. You need yoga by Adriene in your life!
She doesn’t skate but her classes are boss.


Also not skate related (although he used to skate), Andrew Huberman’s podcast is excellent. Science based, no bullshit, very educational. Good all rounder for mental and physical health advice.

You’ll hear the word “neuroplasticity” a LOT.

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Or watch him on 9club if you need to disperse his knowledge with Crob staring blankly, mouth agape

When Koston does stuff like that it baffles me as to why he persists in playing the fool when he’s clearly still got it.

Prod seems a bit of an arse at times tho

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Exactly, no one expects him to be anywhere near the best in the business now but when he skates properly he still has a lot to bring to the table.

When he was talking to Manny in the first vid it seemed like one of those situations where you’re supposed to be glad he’s bothering to talk to you. Also, it was one of the dullest videos I’ve ever seen. Maybe he’s at the point where he so rich/set up that he doesn’t feel like he has to bother trying to be nice to people anymore?

I’m really interested in how you have the time to watch so many videos every day. You’ve mentioned having young kids before and work so it sounds like you’re in a similar boat to the rest of us but I swear 90% of the vids posted on this forum come from you. What’s your secret?

I’ll delete what I originally posted as it was kinda harsh, but don’t rattle my cage if you don’t want a response.


Skipped the gym and protein drinks bit, skipped the basketball bit, watched the somewhat disappointing block sesh, skipped the P-Rod in the bath bit. What a dismal video.


Is he still posing with those ridiculous cigars?

Who’s riled up now :wink::rofl: