Skate Friendly Architecture

Are there many examples in the UK of public spaces that have been designed to accommodate skateboarding? Not talking about places like MK or south bank that are pretty much just used as skate spots, but places that have other uses such as thoroughfares or meeting points, but have skate spots purposefully built in? I love the concept of places like these and they seem to be growing on people’s radars a bit. Hopefully one is going to be built here in Brighton in the near future.

All I know off of the top of my head is the museum in Glasgow. Is there much else? Good example from around the world are welcome as well


There’s a thread for this…

I looked through that, wasn’t really what I’m talking about from what I saw

The skate path at Stoke was the first example in the UK I think.

Pretty much every public space in Copenhagen has skating elements built in, it seems.

Two threads about skateboard-friendly civic architecture it is then.


Sorry for not memorising every thread on here. No need to be a knob about it


Glad you mentioned this topic. I literally just thought about Skate architecture the other day and how useful it would be to incorporate that level of thinking into UK cities. — I’m from Denver, Colorado in the States and it is a relatively skate friendly city. Here in England, it is sadly not the case!

If you were to envision your perfect city, what elements would you include? I’m also interested in examples of cities designed with a little bit of heart for skaters…

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