Skate Gimmicks

Throw up some of the best/worst Skate Gimmicks from the past!

Il start with these three.

Grind King Rims
Bearing Protection and made your board look like a Rude Boy Honda Civic

FootPrint Insoles
Claim to save your knees by taking the shock away… #bullshit

Paradox x Powerbalance Griptape
Looks like all the photos got taken down in that major lawsuit of Powerbalance. After using stickers to claim better balance, they used some positively charged blend or something.

Just a bit of fun, I’m sure people have some late 80’s early 90’s ones to add!

Everyone I’ve ever spoke to (not many admittedly) had never heard of those rims. I remember having a set, pretending I was using them ‘ironically’ but secretly loving them. Grooves down the middle of the wheel we’re proper useless, z-roller trucks were about the lamest gimmick ever.
Ollie flaps were great. Useless but great!

I always wanted to try a tail devil.

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My best mate went through a phase of exclusively skating Ricta Supercrystals when we first started. They sounded like a cutlery drawer in an earthquake on the shitty roads we’ve got round here; so rattly. There’s some marketing spiel about how the urethane being translucent makes them faster or something but they were just utterly nasty in every way.

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Had those in the shop.
Sold some but never got to see them in action.
I bet they were disappointing.

Had a pair of those Ricta cores once. The ‘core’ section which held the bearing separated itself from the outer wheel on 3 out of the 4 wheels on the same session.

Magnesium trucks. I had a pair of Tensor Maglights (they were really cheap, don’t judge me). Insanely light but super soft. Really fast grinds but I wore them down almost to the axle from skating curbs in a few weeks. Also the lightness made my board feel really weird.

diy upturned truckbolts for higher ollies…that was a thing in slough for about a month

Yep, did that too, until the inevitable ‘slam on upturned bolts’ revealed how bad an idea it was

Those Speed Wheels (or maybe Direction?) that came in a can and smelled of baked beans.

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Great username.

I rode tensors for ages because of the plastic slider thing. Made literally no difference whatsoever to slides and I used to snap the trucks loads

I loved Royals.
Smashed many baseplate on Ventures.
Then I tried Krux Downlows and they became my favourite for a long time.
My first trucks, which were fitted to the board I’ve referenced in the first time thread, were Gullwings.
I don’t recall the exact model but they had a baseplate that didn’t require risers.

There was a thing that went under the bolt heads available for a while (in the 80’s) called an ollie bar. I did have a picture somewhere on my hdd but can’t find it at the mo.

It didn’t work.

It worked, you just couldn’t push with them.

You could push with upturned bolts, but only if you didn’t have holes in the soles of your shoes. But everyone had holes in the holes of their shoes. And if they didn’t have holes in the soles of their shoes they got them because of the fucking upturned bolts.

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Do you mean Gullwing Street Shadows?

They had a sort of hard plastic baseplate like having risers

The description is right but I couldn’t remember if they were street shadows or some other model name.
Definitely talking about the same things though.
Edit: shall have to search now because I thought Street Shadows were a slightly more modern version of what I had.

Yep, definitely street shadows

Great trucks. I rode those for years.

I just set up a kendall snake reissue, with neon pink gullwing superpro3’s. Brilliant turny trucks in the bowl