Skate House

Not sure if these has been mentioned on here before - or even if deserves it owns thread but worth a look anyway

the owner might even be on here…

240k is cheap really (relatively speaking).
Skate stuff aside - it’s a really nice house.
Just in Kings Lynn which is a ball ache to get to.

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Been house mooching around here and 240k for that is insanely good.
Are you going to constantly have greebos knocking on the door hassling for a go of the ramps when emmerdale is on mind?

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didn’t that get posted a while back? didn’t think it was that long ago tbf, unless they just took it off the market for a bit

It’s on Netflix on a programme called Amazing Interiors

240 is fuck all! And yeah this got discussed a while back. Think mainly it was a surprise as most people on here had never seen or heard of it

Main issue though is I don’t even know what this area is.

It’s probably knocking a significant amount of value off it. Imagine having to clear all that out.

The rest of the house is lovely.


Are you guys looking at the same house? The rest of the house is awful. It’s made up nicely for the pictures but…hell no.

It’s not as bad on second look but it’s not my cup of tea.

Why is the kitchen unit on stilts and why are there stones on the floor?

Yeah offers a lot of value that’s for sure.

I really hope remote working becomes a legit possible thing for me and my wife so we can have a proper home and not a ludicrously expensive box.

I’ve been into it too (skate bit and house bit) and the interior is really in keeping with the kind of building it is, if that makes sense…
Nice back garden, security gates, period features etc.
If I was looking for a house and could work from home, I’d consider buying it.


Pretty rural - nearest city being Norwich.
Not close to M1 either which makes road travel a bit long.
It does have a train station nearby though

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Why would you ever leave anyway? Who cares where it is.

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wonder why theyre selling? must be with heavy heart - dread to think the hours theyve put in.

not a bad air b&b place if promoted properly but might not attract the right crowd :beer: :beer: :beers:

I’d definitely get rid of the bowl straight away.

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Norwich is nice, father in law lives there. Drug store to, but like you say its pain to get to. We travel down from Carlisle and when you come off the m1 it’s all A roads and roundabouts.

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