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Hi Guys,

I was in search of a way to film in fisheye mode with my iPhone, after I didn’t find any apps recording fisheye video. I developed the app by myself, my first app. I’m a skater too and a father of 3 Kids :wink: I started skating back in the good old days when Photosynthesis from Alien Workshop came out on VHS. Go check it out on

I hope I can give the skate community something back.

All the best,


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This is alright. You need to stand pretty far back though. Is there a way around that?


Just a suggestion, you should have comparitive before/after/side by side video so we can see how it affects standard video

With and without, shot from the same place.

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Yeah otherwise it is not possible to achieve the desired fisheye effect, that’s the reason they have additional lenses which widen the view (GoPro etc). But it is a workaround that works.

Surely the new iPhones make this unnecessary with their wide angle lens?


yeah and also if you unlock your screen orientation and record with your phone in landscape mode, you will also seeing more in your view

I usually record in landscape, yes.

image image

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Thank you for the feedback! I will update the app after i have enough feedback. Thanks for downloading it and have fun! (Nice deck collection btw!)

The calculation of the effect have to be done for every device with different screen sizes and also for the different orientation modes without falling under 30fps and calculating it on realtime video, so yeah the technique behind is pretty complex also when looking like a simple app.

So with (real) fisheye you have to be super close but with this app you actually have to be super far away (as it uses all the surrounding pixels to create the lens effect)


correct thats the problem.

Exactly what I was thinking. Kind of defeats the object especially if you need to be close for a quick insta clip.

i can get pretty close

Yeah, I think so. Unless there’s some other activity that needs to film wide-angle, from far away?

Maybe lots of hot air balloons. Bu they’re curved anyway.

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But how close is that? Is that filmed from a couple of feet away?

no 10cm, (iPhone 6)

for socially distanced fisheye filming


Say if I was 1/2m away from someone skating a line it would look as tho I’m filming their legs and feet with a fish eye effect ? Rather than all of them and the spot
this was filmed with the app holding my phone in my hands

check skatekam on instagram there are some videos and a showreel, where you can see it in action