skate music

Hi I was wondering what type of music do skateboarders listen to when they are skating

How’s the app coming along?


its going well at the moment

What do you listen to when you skate??

S club 7

I, like most skateboarders nowadays, really like major label music that’s really expensive to licence. Bloody love that stuff in fact.


I don’t listen to music whilst I skate. If you have headphones in you can be a danger to yourself and other people, you can’t hear when people, cars or whatever are nearby. Like people cycling with headphones in, they must be mad.

Happy hardcore.

If any skateboarder tells you otherwise, they’re not core.

Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit, Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Roll With It by Oasis, anything by E-Z Rollers and the theme to Rawhide.

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I’m all about the N26 Collective’s new material that’s about the drop.

Ha I’d forgotten the DKs did a version. I was thinking of the Blues Brothers.

Don’t forget the Clueless soundtrack! “Rolling with the homies” The best film ever to have skateboarding in.

Slipknot, POD, OPM and Avril Lavigne in my bedroom having a cry wank about not being able to find a chill girl


Can’t listen to music while skating, not through earphones at least. They fall out if I remain perfectly still so I’d never manage skating wearing them.
Like Spanky, I also prefer to have my wits about me and hearing is one of the vital senses needed.
Can’t really say that there is a soundtrack to help me skate.
Change all that to past tense because I don’t skate now anyway.

I probably could skate with phones in now I’ve found some I like, but I doubt I would (if I ever skated).

Do you like picture me rollin by 2pax?

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he called himself 2pax after working as front of house in a restaurant in portland. It was his favourite type of table to work with as a waiter.

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