Skate shoe subscription box


I’m starting a skate shoe subscription box company where you can receive a brand new pair of shoes + a Thrasher mag + some other goodies. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are, how many people would be interested in this service, what price would you pay for this and what brands/shoes you’d like to see?

Axion, Osiris and Carimua are :fire:


Literally every skate shop does this already, you order shoes, they send them out.

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We all feel great about it


The shoes subscribe to me


Is there a free trial?


Believe me I don’t need help buying skate shoes I already have too many, I got 6 pairs on the go right now


Do you get to choose the size?

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The idea is that you pick your size and you get shoes that you might not have picked up before the price of the shoes will also be discounted.

There won’t be a free trial but if you’re not happy or the shoes don’t fit you can send them back

This is a terrible idea.

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It’s a fine idea, if you don’t mind getting a load of honking shoes that can’t be shifted any other way.

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Where are these shoes coming from?

Isnt this just “buying shoes from a skateshop” but with added steps?

What ever is sent to TK Maxx?

Also taking more business away from skater owned stores and inflating prices of shoes for scalpers

Vinyl Me Please does this (amongst others, and record companies have jumped on a bit with this too), offers records on a subscription basis in exclusive colours not available anywhere else. Over inflates the second hand market and shit albums go for mad prices because they’re yellow instead of black.


Am I guaranteed to get a left and a right shoe?


The ‘mystery box’ concept has never worked or been respectable. Don’t try to make an entire school project out of it.

So, shoes I don’t like then.


Was going to say the exact same thing.
A subscription for a load of shit airwalks and rank DC’s.
A tenner a month would be too expensive.


Subscription t-shirts could be good if:
a) it was cheap enough
b) there was quality control to make sure you don’t end up with shit. Perhaps an email offering a choice of three to choose from.

I succumbed to a boxer short subscription once and tbh it was Brill. Good quality boxers every month. Now that I’ve got about twenty pairs I pulled the plug though. I’ve got enough boxers for the next five years now lol

The shoe thread is enough to show that what someone thinks is the best shoe ever is what others wouldn’t do gardening in.


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