Skate Shop Closures

Sad to see that my local skate shop Hardcore Hobbies in Bury St Edmunds is due to close.This was an awesome place that stocked or could get you anything skate,bmx,scooter related.A few years back we lost a shop in Ipswich,sad to see these places going and pretty unlikely when they have gone the’ll return.Sign of the times I guess :disappointed:.

Yeah we’ve only got a couple in the big towns around my area. 42 in Nottingham and Rollersnakes in Derby. I might be wrong but I don’t think there is anything left in Leicester now.

Is Magic Toast still about?

My local in Exeter changed hands at the start of the year and was taken over by one of the local bmxers dads who has a few bob spare. I haven’t been in since as I now live 40 miles away, from what I hear it’s now a bmx shop with a small skate section that they can’t give you any advice on :pensive:

The Boarding House?

If so, the name’s a bit Alanis Morrisette now.

That’s the one.

Really sad to hear. I have family round there and I went into hardcore hobbies about 10 years ago, after a skate at the old bury st Edmunds park that was made out of wood and all gnarly. I got one of those hardcore hobbies black flag rip off tees and rocked it loads afterwards.

Magic toast is still about, not been in since i started back up again though

Jag Boot?

Mike Simons is selling a few things in and around Leicester out of the boot of his car.

Gotta start somewhere

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Damn. Used to love going in there. Got my first board from there a good few decades ago. Tim and everyone did so much for the scene and he never seemed to shortchange skaters given his preference for bikes.

I believe Hardcore were pivatol in getting the concrete skatepark built and their Jams there were ledgendary.Good legacy left there.

Think you helped dad by chance get me my first legit complete from there. Shop deck, ventures and reaction wheels.

We don’t have one round here. Nearest here is native or legacy. We have s4 which does skateboard clothes, he did do snowboards as that was his thing but couldn’t sell that so he stopped stocking that. Same with skateboards it wasn’t selling so he flogged it off cheap

I’m not affiliated with Hardcore Hobbies in anyway, just a heads up on some great closing down deals there :+1:.