Skate team autographs early 2000s

Any skate historians out there? I saw a big team skate at Playstation Skate Park (London) some time between 2000 and 2003, and got their autographs on my helmet (see the attached pics!)

20 odd years later I really wanna know what team it was and who were the skaters! Anyone here who could decipher the autographs and work out what team it was?

The only detail I can remember is that I recognised one member of the team from the THPS videogames, and I’m pretty sure his was one of the 5 autographs I got.

First one could be Rowley? Although the second one is Jocke Olsson, and I don’t reckon they were ever on the same team.

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Rob Selley


deathbox link surely?


Oh yeah. Only the most obvious link imaginable.

Still though, not early 2000s.

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3 could be Terence Bougdour? French vert skater

Were they all vert skaters?


That’s a deep cut. Wow.

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Last one possibly Colin Kennedy?

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Wow thanks so much pals!

So glad that you all are interested in this!!

I think @Spanky you’re right it’s Rob Selley
@buildafire - yes! you’re right! I thought it said Jake but it’s Jocke!
roncalow - that is amazing deciphering! I’m sure you’re right.
As for Colin Kennedy - I don’t see why not!

So what is Deathbox? Was it an event that Selley, Olsson, Bougdour and Kennedy might have all participated in at PSSP? I’m pretty sure it was early 2000s but at a stretch it could maybe be 2004/2005… but not later than that… and certainly not before 2000.

As for the THPS skater… I wonder if the 4th one could be Bob Burnquist. Looks like a ‘b’ and a ‘q’… The other THPS skater I thought of was Rune Glifberg, but my eyes can’t quite make that work…

(loving this team detective work! thanks again!)

Here’s an éS sticker I got signed by Bob in '99, don’t think it’s him, sorry

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If I get a sec I’ll ask Colin on insta he might recognise

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Were they all vert skaters?

they might have been! not 100% sure…

Confirmed: it’s ex-DC and Blueprint pro Colin Kennedy


Fuck knows how I recognised that. Did a DC tour with him early 2000s, must’ve remembered from that.


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@Spanky that is amazing!!!

Wow :smiley:

(sorry I’m a n00b, what does CMOAC mean?)

Check me out and chill

Some euro skater said it once (@anonymity can fill in the deets for the 100th time I think) and it basically went down in skate folklore/legend

I’ve wanted to ask that for ages but can never be arsed, I knew it was check me out something so had the gist

I’ve definitely said it in real life. “See em oh eh see, son”.

It was Marcus Juergensen.

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