Skate trip exchange in Paris for a 11yo

My 11yo son is passionate about skate for years. He skates at EGP18 skatepark and other venues.
His little bro is fond of skate too. He has been a member of Paris skate culture team for more than 2 years.
We live in Paris nearby Eurostar station. We would like to get in touch with a family with a kid same age, same interest to organise exchange stay, discover other country and other spots.
Best regards


Hi Florent - welcome to the forum.
You might be better asking on FB I think as most people on here who have kids, have children a fair few years younger than your son.

Take my eldest.
He’s 6.
Id exchange him for a baguette at the moment.

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Try Contacting Geoff @ Rubicon

He would be the guy to talk to

Ahah…just hang on ! They eventually grow nicer and quieter…around 26yo!!


Hey ! Thanks for all the answers and advices…that 's really great, :smiley: I will follow up on that. BR

This is another UK skate camp run by pro skater Mark Baines Florent.

:+1:thanks a lot! I didnot know this one

I actually have an 11 year old daughter, and she was born in Paris (we used to live near Bastille). And I used to skate EGP18 for a couple of years, when it was first built. Funny old world.

We’re in Cornwall now. I wouldn’t recommend coming here for skate spots though, especially in winter!