Skate Video Mixtapes

So, seeing as people are asking for it, here’s a thread for your favourite skate parts to make a mixtape.

Intro, skits, outro, adding yt links optional

Here’s my first tape in order

411 60 Chaos

Robbie Gangemi Zoo York Mixtape

Rob Welsh Aesthetics Ride or Die Vol1

101 section 20 Shot Sequence

The Parallel skit (Girl Goldfish)

Quim Cardona Real Non Fiction

Matt Rodriguez Stereo Tincan Folklore

Marc Johnson NC Clothing Tiltmode!

$tud Bill Strobeck (Transworld Cinematographer Project (2))

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So we collate our own top 10 parts (with optional friends/slams etc), then the most frequently suggested between everyone’s gets combined into the ultimate video?

Sounds fun, this is my lunch break activity sorted.

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I don’t know about compiling an ultimate mix. Just post your part lists up as they come

Dave Butlin, incredible skateboarder.

Danny Montoya in OSB.


Westgate in Made Chapter 1.

Kevin Coakley in MFWTCB.

Tanner in North vs South.

Nate B in Static 3.

Jensen in LAF.

JJ in MF.

Eric Viccarone in Windows and Doorways.

It didn’t take long for this one to drop

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This is too hard I could have picked 10 parts from 1987-1990


I deleted my answer because it required further thought. Will reassess later

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strong choices Jimo.
This is going to take some thinking. I kind of want to put some shine on some different parts to the norm as I was always a few years behind people in taste.
All the classics people talk about Trilogy, 20 shot, penal code, mouse etc etc didn’t do much for me at the time because I’d only just discovered 1993 so 1994/5 felt boring in comparison.
I liked crazy sillyness over normal tricks done a bit better (at the time)

Final laminated answer:

Jerry Hsu - made chapter 2
Ed Templeton - this is skateboarding
Gilbert Crockett - life splicing
Jerry + Louie - subject to change
Danny Brady - lost and found
Paul Shier - lost and found
Arto Saari - minefield
Cory Kennedy - pretty sweet
PJ Ladd - whl
Marc Johnson - pretty sweet

Slam section - THPS 2
Credits - Fully Flared
Bonus part - Caswell Berry - 411 profile

I’d probably pick similar to other folk but will sleep on it. A lotta years to think through

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Similar thing going on with me too.

Some good suggestions here already reminding me of parts that I’d forgotten.