Skate video research

Hi, I’m Jamie Terrill, a researcher at Lancaster University, UK (and once a very enthusiastic but awful skater).

I’m currently conducting some research into the visual culture of skateboarding, particularly skate videos and cameras used. I’ve made a short survey that contains a few questions on this topic - it’s entirely anonymous and doesn’t require a login.

If you’re over 18 and have a few minutes, please do complete the questionnaire -

My goal is to use this all as a jumping pad for a larger project concerning skateboard visual culture, with skateboarding and its associated cultures being barely touched within existing scholarship.





Done :heavy_check_mark:


Thank you!

Much appreciated!

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That last question :grimacing::rofl:

Couldn’t answer it!

I think this is the most positive response this forum has ever had to someone new starting a thread asking for something. I like it


Apologies if I’ve gone about this the wrong way, I’m not too familiar with using forums! Really grateful for all the responses so far!

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No this is great, you’d honestly be surprised at what some naive dumbtrepreneurs try and flog to a bunch of ageing cynics like us with too much bitterness and not enough time. Gets some interesting responses. I enjoyed the last question, there’s definitely one constant on that (especially compared to other videos in similar scenes)


There was the other day as well :slight_smile:

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Done! I could’ve gone for ages on that last question.

Completed it

Cheers everyone for the responses thus far, much appreciated!

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Done! Apologies for the mega long answers, you had me going off on a tangent!


I’m actually jealous he gets to read your answers!

Do us all a favour @SkateboardResearch and post the finished article here when you’re done. It sounds like it’ll be an interesting read.

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