Skateboard for a 2 year old

After reading Six Year Old Sidney the Skateboarding Boy my littlun now wants to get my skateboard out all the time. Which is obviously ace.

Trouble is she’s not even two yet, so it’s all a bit hard for her. She mostly sits and scoots along, but she is trying to stand up.

Any thoughts on these?

I like the idea of not having a nose / tail, she hasn’t grasped the idea that if she leans too far forward holding the nose she’s gonna pitch forward and mangle her fingers.

Just got Arthur the Blast Skates Jr. He’ll just have to eat shit until he figures it out.


Got this for my ten-month old. She’s too big for her little hand-sized one now, so this is ideal. Spongey stuff on the top too, rather than griptape. And the proportions are exactly right, so if she’s into it she’ll be used to real boards, when the time comes to start making a living out of it in a couple of years.


That Enjoi looks pretty mint. She does like pandas too.


Bought that exact one for my three year old daughter at Christmas and, for the price, I think its a good start. Not having to deal with inadvertent manuals for now, the footprints to help with positioning and the fact that the truck placement keeps her nearer to the floor are all positives.

So far she is loving it despite a few slams and if that continues I will be upgrading.

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