Skateboard protective gear

Hey everyone, Im a student making a project to improve skateboard gear and wanted to ask if there is a reason that generally speaking, people don’t use as much gear or limited?

Personally restrictive if I have ever worn it.

Helmet at Corby once about 16 years ago?

Don’t ride Vert or big ramps, happy to take bumps and bruises - plus the occasional broken bone when I was younger.

Oh, done your survey

Yeah that sounds pretty common with what ive been hearing most people accept the risks that come with it and don’t use any of it, and thanks aswell I appreciate it.

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Done. Very official compared so the usual survey monkey ones.


Yer I was impressed, maybe add a few extra options on injuries.

Done. Good survey

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Thanks, really appreciate it!


Done. Mostly shins and elbows for me. If I sprain or hurt my wrists I’ll wear a wrist guard. After the injury :man_facepalming:

Not worn helmet or pads for years, but will on bigger ramps.

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From what Ive experienced that sounds like the norm, especially young adults in the parks I go to. Thanks aswell for helping out.