Skateboard Protectors?

Hey guys, as part of a school project, I’m getting into skateboarding. I noticed that very few skateboarders wear protection pads - why is that?

You learn how to fall properly over time , the falls condition your body so you get back up and shake/walk the pain off.

Pads and protection just restrict movement for street skating , plus it looks shite .

It’s the same for the parkour lot, you’d think they’d all be padded up but no.

Learn and condition to fall

I think you’re talking about pads.

These are skateboard protectors…


I imagine for 90% of people it’s because they don’t like the look/don’t want to be seen wearing them/don’t like how it feels. It obviously makes sense to wear a helmet but Andy Anderson is the only person that comes into my head (non vert) who actually wears one.

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Where’s the lapper and copers? Serious lack of protection for those trucks.

I always thought they were daft but they were actually to protect the coping

I believe Valley was well into his helmet for the duration of his helmet contract :smile:


Never heard that, I thought lappers were meant to stop you hanging up and copers were supposed to make grinding easier.

I am a skateboard protector!!! Stop mall grabbing and pushing mongo!!! Go watch 1995 Tom Penny!


I remember fitting these - before I could ollie - to help me up kerbs.

Smashed a few before I learned that lesson.

Still waiting to learn this lesson.

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I keep mine in the garage or the boot of the car. Pretty safe in there.

Kneepads have been given up to woodsanding/skirting board duties for a good 15 years now. Helmet for cycling.




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Learn from the best


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I think it was in a Grosso episode, I’ll have a look later

Ok I got it twisted as usual. There were parks that insisted on copers to protect the coping but that’s not why they were invented