Skateboard setup for my daughter

Hi my daughter is loving skateboarding.
She skates a Monarch Project 8”, Indy trucks, bones big balls and bones 99a 54mm wheels.
She mainly skates wooden indoor skate parks and concrete outdoor.
She has got into concrete bowl skating a bit more would you change anything on the setup? I was thinking only wheels maybe go a bit bigger but no sure.
Any advice would be greatly received

Nah if wheels go too big yu can start wheel rubbing and you don’t really want that on a bowl board.

I remember I had 60mm bones on a 9" bowl setup and the wheels were so big I couldn’t lock into smiths, it was ridiculous.

So yeah 54mm sounds fine. I’d only change them out if they get flatspotted

Thank you

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I have a set of 54mm Powell dragons that I won, would they be worth putting on instead of her bones 99a wheels?

I would sell/give them to someone older that will appreciate the benefits of those dragons, they’re great wheels

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I may put them on mine instead :joy: