Skateboarding books

Can anyone recommend any decent skateboarding books, not really into reading but stuff to do with my interests I enjoy reading. Any good autobiographies or anything from skaters.

I really enjoyed this.


I’ve read it a few times. It’s worth picking up a copy for sure.

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I also liked the Rodney Mullen autobiog.

The Mutt: How to skateboard and not kill yourself
Is that the Rodney Mullen one?

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Yeah, that’s the one. I enjoyed it, interesting insight into his obsessive mind.

When I was round my friend’s I was reading his Long Love Southbank book and that’s well worth a read I think. More of a coffee table book but has the history of Southbank.

A less well known book is one by Gayton Hagglund called Inglewood skate rats. He was a pro filmer and it’s a pretty good read about the late 90s/early 2000s in California.

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This one looks good too.

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like a book, but skinnier


Yep, I liked it.

I’ve also picked up the Kyle Beachy one above, but that’s to go after I’ve read the Jocko Weyland one. I’m not a huge reader and tend to buy picture books for skating.

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If you’re interested in books written by people that have themselves read over 100 books, can I recommend Scott Bourne?


Have you read ‘A room with no windows’?

i liked bits of the Jocko Weyland one.
curious about the Kyle Beachy - he had some bits published in Free that i enjoyed.

again, bits of both ‘Life and Limb’

and Raphaël Zarka’s ‘On a Day With No Waves’
are excellent.

massive shout to @anon28148673 's book

and ‘Skateboarding is a Not a Book’ is the absolute best. GHills forever

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These are kind of at the opposite ends of the spectrum but both great in their own way.



I was stoked on this when I got it 43 years ago. Its relevance has probably slipped a little in the meantime.


Not heard of this. Just ordered a copy. Cheers.

Also, the Goodreads mention of Barbarian Days* in their review of The Most Fun Thing by Kyle Beachy was the kick that I needed to get me to order that too as I enjoyed that.

  • surf memoir by William Finnegan - can recommend.
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Strong memory lolz

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My copy of 1,000 skateboards (English version) turned up, does what it says on the tin with little pieces about skateboarding here and there (the start of skating, style, ect).


I also found this second hand copy of New Skateboard Graphics for £3.60 with free P&P! As the spine is slightly damaged. £3.60! I expected it to be small and about 70 pages full of board companies like Plan-B with the same graphics just different colours for each pro, ect… but it must be a bit older than I thought and is big with some nice graphics.




Just had an email to say Evri now have mine.


Edit: I now have mine!


First impression = :heart_eyes: