Skateboarding Generations

Perfect hypocritical bookend


Try thinking before you type sometimes. Just trying to help


Based on what? The level of skating? It being shit now? Or?

Said it was the same as any other organised sport now, and basically the opposite of why we started. I guess people are into it for different reasons though, people like the sporty side of it now. I’m nowhere near as bitter as him but it was interesting hearing that from somebody like him.

Well that’s one persons opinion, and a very jaded one at that!

Skateboarding is still as good as ever.

Definitely jaded.

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I think you’d only get that opinion from someone who had experienced being a paid professional in a previous era. To everyone else, todays situation is better imho. More skateparks, more actual diversity not sanctimony, more opportunities etc etc. I can understand why people in that particular position might think that but I’d say it’s objectively (but not subjectively) wrong.
Also I know you can’t but I’d love to know who


I remember being show planet earth now and later when I was 16 in the year 2000. It was less then a decade old but seemed ancient to me at the time.

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So I just asked my sister this question because my niece, who’s 5, has asked for a skateboard for Christmas. She’s getting a little penny board.

And turns out, it’s from playing THPS with her dad haha. So the same thing that made me want to get a skateboard is the exact same thing that’s influenced her, 23 years later.

Also there might be a skateboard in an episode of Bluey, but it’s mostly THPS.


Sounds like they have their own personal issues with skating. It’s still sick and there’s just as much independent, creative and left field skating happening than there ever has been


droP a naMe.


Could be anyone really, it’s a viewpoint I have heard people casually chuck out but usually if you question it they have a rethink.

In my experience it often comes from people who are not actually skating any more and getting increasingly distant from skateboarding whilst still being involved enough to have to care.

If you don’t skate any more I can imagine it all starts getting a bit weird.

Or it could have been Sean Goff.


Sean is many things but he loves skating as much as anyone.


I know I was just trying to think of a ex pro who still skates but might be a bit jaded :laughing:

Professor bollocks is not impressed with being compared to Mr “I couldn’t drop in on a quarter pipe in 1992, so no one could”.


Biggest thing I find wild is skaters a few years younger than me that didn’t get chased every day or their heads kicked in simply for being a skateboarder. Was talkin about how in Sunderland literally everytime you would see a group of radjys if ya had longer hair or a board or a hoody people would just start running at you to knock ya out. I guess this also comes down to a class thing as a few o them were defo a bit more privileged middle class southern but yeah, that’s a mad one to me. Ever skaters that somehow have never been in a fight. Fighting isn’t a big thing now than it used to be it seems.


Growing up skating in the countryside, we had skaters vs fishermen once. Classic fight for the ages haha


Yeah I didn’t want to be cruel and call it out but the people with the strongest opinions on skating are the ones that haven’t done it in a while.
Pipe down


This thread has just sent me on a deep, deep internet dive. THPS was what made me want to get a skateboard, but I was trying to work out the first time I ever saw someone ride a skateboard, other than Bart Simpson.

I have this vague and very old memory of watching a kids TV show where there was a downhill skate competition and one of the kids ollies over a bin bag. It’s been in the back of my brain for years but I never bothered to work out what it was.

Anyway, I found it. McGee and Me, about a kid who has a cartoon friend. Episode 4, 1989. But I reckon it would have aired a few years later in the UK, so probs 91,92 or so.

Skateboarding starts about 20 mins mark.