Skateboardle video quiz (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Was it not the first Popwar promo they used?

It might have been but I thought it was this one. I’m probably wrong.

2nd go, never rinsed it, just lucky I suppose. Thought first guy was Gustavo so guessed plan b

3rd go

Forgot all about that song choice. So good.


Don’t think I ever saw it, but figured it was pre-DC video Ryan Smith and the Canadian looking spots and bad music further confirmed it

Second guess as well.

Last go

First go, total fluke

First try

Third try. Used to watch that video a lot when i was young.

Last guess. I was flapping about with no idea until the logos and song in the final clip.

Same as dent. Last shot.

Big up FORE for coming out as well. Always stoked on his footage.

Last try. I recognised a few of the tricks, but was sure it was only a clothing company by this point so the alphanumeric logo threw me off

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Never seen this one. Gonna watch it today though. Love me some Danny Montoya!

I always loved watching this one growing up in Houston because of the whole section they did on the up and coming rippers coming out of Houston.

It was rad watching this and then seeing some of those dudes at our local park. Particular standouts were Nate Broussard and Brad Hiser.

There was this huge long down rail at the park and I remember Brad did a balanced fs nose grind down the whole thing, was such a trip to watch. They had the illest style.

This doesn’t have the same nosegrind clip as I described but you can get an idea of how smooth he skated the park.

And Here’s a good rip of FORE

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Third go. Watched this a lot but first two clips threw me.

5th try. Don’t know this one too well.

This might be one of my fav Bobbb parts. IMO he’s the switch tre king

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