fuck, I would love a scraper so I can use it with Kodi.

@Spanky Lets do this. You host and code. I’ll offer advice.



Use to get into hole looking at old ads and shoes

was going to say something about the Plex thread on Slap, but you’ve already posted in that. Make it work with Plex!

Another way to do this is to take an already existing scraper source and add skate videos to it…

for example, this site seems to have a few bits already and Kodi, Plex, etc. all can scrape from it.

Adding to an already existing source makes more sense

Just testing it out…

The scraper struggles to find most as brand name isn’t included in regular film sites…
So, you don’t have Transworld - Feedback. It’s just Feedback. It managed to automatically find less than 10% of what I tried to get it to search for.

So, you have to do it manually which defeats the idea.

Also, the naming convention once it does find the video is random as fuck.

The point of a new scraper is that the biggest part (the data for all skate videos made) is taken care of.
It’s great that there are existing scrapers for movies and you could use them to add skate videos to but realistically, no great user base is going to input 40 years of skate videos when the job is already done at

In fact, aside from Nike, Volcom and TWS it seems like there is next to nothing on there anyway - so even if it did automatically scrape, it is pointless with the current data set.

Looks like there are some options then

Somehow getting data from skatevideosite and import into new one or import into the one

Easiest would be to have skatevideosite as scraping service as data and infrastructure already there?

Yeah. Exactly. The only thing which needs to be built is the scraper as the database itself is already there.

Skatevideosite is built on WordPress, am sure there’s some kind of scraping server plugin available. Have you tried adding it as a source anyway, they must’ve been asked about this before?

You can’t just add a website as a source.

The reason you need a scraper is you need to convert their data from their layout into a database format - which media servers understand.

Check that link I posted.

Also, I think what you are talking about here is a general definition of the term scraping whereas what is needed is quite specific and “scraping” is only the first step.

  1. Scrape data from Skatevideosite (They seem to conform to a standard format)
  2. Pull data into a structured info (.nfo) and image (.tbn) format
  3. Output a .json format readable by Plex, Kodi and other media servers (Thankfully they all seem to work on roughly the same standard).

…at least, I think that is it.

No no what I mean is they may have already implemented the data feed, just not advertised it

Another alternative is to have other site that scrapes svsite and that serves the data instead. Which they may or may not be cool with if they can make revenue from it

From my knowledge, that side is just a wordpress skate video fan site…

Is there a way to find out if they have that data feed?

ha ha. guessing you haven’t read that link, then?

That is exactly what we are getting at.

however, the website doesn’t need to be public or visible or pretty…its just a data feed

Definitely did not (thoroughly) read that link, just skimmed it :grimacing:

I think ask skatevideosite admins if they have a feed existing already or if they mind being scraped. Then go from there.

If you get a positive response and it seems simple I might look into setting up scraper but I’m not promising anything!

I think the shortest way to explain is that all these media servers need to know where to find info on the films and TV shows people have in their media folder.

People have built “scrapers” to find that info - and media servers like Kodi or Plex have a couple of those built in as that is a basic need of the users.

Those media server programs have options to add new “scrapers”, too. There are popular ones for Anime for example, as the standard data sources (IMDB for example) suck at cataloguing those films.

No one has built a scraper to point to a reliable info source for skate videos. This is the dream…

It’s probably not worth asking permission as the lookup numbers are going to be so small…

also, better to ask forgiveness. :slight_smile: