Shit has skately library gone down? Domain for sale etc

Since October last year.

Seems they just lost interest in paying for it to exist and let it lapse. A real, real loss. I’d gladly have contributed to a crowdfunder to keep it going, even just as it was.

Is it time for a new website? Skately wasn’t always the most updated. Maybe a Wiki-style site where users could upload content? Could harvest stuff from all the skate archivists and follow the Skately model of pages for riders, companies, videos etc.

A new skately would be f’ing amazing

We have the tools

But I am v time poor right now

Not totally sure if this is related but I’ve noticed that someone has uploaded a whole bunch of old vids on YouTube in pretty much the highest quality possible here:


Excellent link - ta.

Fourstar Super Champion Funzone is def getting a watch.

Oh, and I noticed Video Days too.

Plex used to scrape metadata from Skately for any skate videos I had on my NAS. Manually inserting cover art, etc. for DVD rips is seriously tedious.

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Good call, videos like that were only really available in terrible quality before. Bit of a game changer this account.

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That’s quite a lot of stuff to sift through.

ON Video is there, not every one sadly but most and they’re so good.

Wtf, I’ve been doing that for a while now. Yes it is seriously tedious. That would’ve been handy

Holy shit never realised how insane 2003 was for skate video releases

Really Sorry
DC Video
Subject to Change
This is Skateboarding


Yeah, all on DVD with plenty of extras as well, a golden era.

Plus yeah right, bon appetit, tdgafau, in motion, portraits

I worked at Non Stop in 2003 and watched the death out of those.

Plus The Firm Can’t Stop

Didn’t matey who owns it reply to a similar thread made on Slap? Considering we’ve not seen any development on it I’m assuming lost interest/haven’t gotten around to it.

I could help populate it. Work has dried up a bit for me.