Skatepark Funding

Did write a post on the old forum but obviously can’t update on there any more.

We’re trying to get a Skatepark for Northwich and the Council are fully behind it, but low on funds.

Various options have been pretty much exhausted and we really don’t want to go down the whole active/public fundraising route.

Having said that, does anyone have experience of the crowdfunding options available? Also, is it a good idea to set up as a charity/organisation, with bank account etc? By raising some money ourselves, I’m guessing this could help persuade other bodies.

Don’t mind doing the above but again not really into public fundraisers and so on.

You can see more of our campaign here

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new park just appeared in some sketchy area here recently that was funded by sport england and mick george community fund, assume there was more money from elsewhere but might be worth a loook at

Many thanks. We tried Sport England a year ago but may be worth a go again.

Will pass on that Mick George info on though as that’s new to us.