Skaters wanted

Just looking for a crew to skate around with in Swindon england, around 16 ideally, dm me bros

You’ll be hard pressed to find that many folk out skating these days bro.

Maybe five or so, but sixteen is unlikely. Even in Swindon. Probably.


Not 16 people, around age 16 my guy😂

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Head out, EXPLORE and see who you bump into, look for the waxed curbs and ledges.

You’re probably best off on insta for skaters that age , It’s just a load of old washed up fucks who moan about the good old days on here


Cheers, will do😂

Just skate.
Find a spot and skate it.
Skate some more and find another.
Skate it.
Skate some more, you might find someone doing the same as you.

Find your local skate shop and ask, also your local parks, surely meet somebody dude

Hunt out ATB shop and hang with some chill dudes, maybe