Slave - ‘Radio-Silence’


AJ whatshisname appeared out of nowhere, eh? Gnarly.

He’s been around for a while, pretty low-key though. His section is heavy!
Love Pat Burke’s too. That nollie backside flip down those stairs, woah! The alley-oop backside flip off a roof, into a bank stood out as well.
Dicola and Shultz had good stuff too. Rad video.

Schultz’s part is so sick!

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Skate videos recently haven’t got me too stoked and this video coupled with the Jack o Grady part proper made me buzz for the first time in a while

Loved this. Seems like this, and the Zero video, are going to stick with what worked for them before, and I’m glad they are. Pat Burke and Dan Dicola were rad to watch. Felt like the video was a bit long, but that’s probably because my attention span is shorter. Glad they’re not pandering to me.

I dunno, I was kind of bored through most of this. Most of the skaters stank but then a few tricks would be beautiful because of that. Not getting the Pat Burke love at all but again, the odd trick etc. The vibe and whole deal was rad just a shame I wasn’t into the skaters much.
That really sketchy kid was horrendous but also probably the most fun to watch and had my favourite trick in the vid (impossible nose wheelie)
Obviously Dicola, now knowing who he is and what his deal is deserved last part but in the traditional sense the guy before deserved it who was a good few tiers above the whole team in gnarl etc.

It felt like half an hour of watching Moggins.

The latest death video was better.

Is the new Death video online? Not seen it anywhere…

Just watch one of the old ones.


Na I don’t think so.

I’m sorry haters but this video was fucking great.

Ha, I nearly made a Death comparison but stopped myself because it would look like i’m calling Death down which I wouldn’t. But That sketchy kid reminded me of Wag but an enjoyable version.

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